Ropes Challenge Course

The Challenge Course at Seeker Springs offers groups an effective tool in team building. It encourages qualities such as: trust, communication, and boldness, as well as many biblical principles. This is an experience that can and often does have a life-changing impact. Trained and certified facilitators lead groups through a series of challenges taking them to new heights, both individually and as a group.

Low Ropes

These elements are designed to build teamwork and unity in your group.  Teams are given challenges that they must work together to accomplish.  During the challenge groups will experience victories and frustrations.   Facilitators work with the group following the activity and help them transfer learning from the element into real life situations and experiences. It helps build communication, problem solving, leadership, decision making, self responsibility, social skills, and more.

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High Ropes

These activities are designed to help participants overcome personal and spiritual obstacles such as fear, trust and risk taking.  Groups improve relationships by learning to encourage one another and give praise to one another.  Trained facilitators work with the group to help them transfer the accomplishments to real life situations.

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