Staff Quotes

What did you love most about being on staff at Seeker Springs?

  • Sudie M.  |  2018 Summer Staff

    "I loved that we became a family. That whatever we did was centered around the gospel and prayer. That we all were there for each other and got to grow with each other."

  • Courtney C.  |  2018 Summer Intern

    "I loved having a group of people that I was with that were all pursuing the Lord together. I loved being poured into and being able to pour out onto others."

  • Brock T.  |  2018 Summer Staff Team Leader

    "I loved learning and growing through each and every tough and challenging experience. This summer was hard, but I know God put me here and in those situations for a reason. I would gladly do it all again."

  • Dakari A.  |  2018 Summer Staff

    "I loved that I had 9 weeks solely dedicated to God without the distractions of school and my personal life, and that I could spend my efforts to furthering His kingdom."

  • Caitlyn B.  |  2018 Summer Staff

    "I love the atmosphere and overall mission. I loved being poured into while pouring out and belonging to something; community."